Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper Source Sunday - Octopus Nails!

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know about a NEW WEEKLY SEGMENT i'll be doing!! :) I have been super inspired by paper source patterns lately. I absolutely love this store (and not because it's on the way to Georgetown Cupcake). Their patterns are gorgeous and look way better in person and really make me want to buy them all! But instead, I'm going to do my nails based on them. The first one i'm doing is inspired by one of their wrapping paper patterns: Octopuses! (or octopodes.. if you will :P)

You can see it here:

Step 1) Apply a base coat - (I used Seche Vite base coat)

Step 2) Paint your nails white with 2 to 3 coats of white nail polish. (I used a white by OPI). P.s. I messed up the pinky a bit (hit it on something), but its okay because we'll cover that up later.

Step 3) Pick out the colors you want to use. The pattern had orange, red, and green, but I thought a pink would look good.

Step 4) Blot a color onto a piece of scrap paper and use a large dotter tool to apply random dots on the nail. Being a broke college student, I didn't have a large dotter with me, so I decided to be resourceful and use the bottom of a pencil.

Step 5) Use a small paintbrush to begin painting out the tentacles, beginning from the bottom center of the circle-blob, and curling out.

Step 6) Continue adding tentacles - use other colors and the pencil-dotting technique to create random octopuses. 

Step 7) Use a small dotter tool (or the sharp tip of your pencil) to add two white dots for eyes.

Step 8) Look at your nails and the wrapping paper and smile :) 

Have a good week!

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